About Us
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About Us

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About Us

Authorised Distributor : DESA HOME THEATRE


Drawing upon decades of audio engineering expertise, DVOICE series of speakers, amplifiers and vocal microphones are precisely engineered, combining art and science to produce quality sound for music enjoyment.


Driven by the vision to produce reliable audio equipment delivering ever better and more accurate sound, our unfaltering effort has propelled us thus far, winning the trust and surpassing the expectation of our consumers across the region.


We are humbled by the recognition and achievements, and at the same time motivated to continuously uphold our commitment to quality, paying meticulous attention to every detail in designing our audio systems, making high quality, reliable and affordable audio equipment for music lovers.

KTV Karaoke System
  • DVOICE’s KTV Karaoke system comes with 2 years warranty with premium after sales services. Anything went wrong within warranty period, DVOICE do provide on site warranty service to our precious customers.
  • DVOICE’s customer will be able enjoy their KTV Karaoke system with peace in mind.

DVOICE speaker series are carefully engineered to deliver quality sound without howling, with reliable subwoofers that support sweet, powerful bass.


Designed for nearly all indoor environments, these models are compact, installation-friendly and rugged. Perfect choice for home, bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges and halls as they are high quality, affordable and their classic designs blend into any environment harmoniously.


2 Models :


  1. High performance and reliable, delivering wide and superior sound quality. Combining the art and science of making speakers, it is designed to prevent howling and the subwoofers (woofer) supports powerful bass.
  2. High quality, durable and compact speaker born out of latest audio technologies. Made with premium components, it is designed to deliver the best sound possible efficiently, without howling, supported by subwoofers (woofer) with powerful bass.

Built with the best quality components, DVOICE amplifiers are engineered to produce the best sound, eliminating any possible background noise for pleasurable audio enjoyment.


2 Models :


  1. Lightweight (medium weight) and easy to install, it is highly efficient in terms of power conversion, producing quality sound consistently while reducing heat generation. (200w x 4 channel)
  1. Highly efficient in power conversion, this high power amplifier promises the best voice without background noise with minimized heat. A compact and impressive model created with our years of accumulated engineering expertise. (powerful, heavier, 300w x 4 channel)

DVOICE vocal microphones are precisely engineered to deliver clear and dynamic vocal reproduction, making your singing easy and enjoyable effortlessly.


3 Models :


  1. Precisely engineered to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction with wireless transmission.
  1. Versatile and robust, accentuating and delivering clean vocal sound with wireless transmission. Perfect for heavy users.
  1. Tailored to capture voice to deliver natural, smooth and warm vocal with wireless transmission. Ideal for karaoke enthusiasts.